Welcome To Vivekananda World Peace Foundation

*We are a social welfare organization under the Act of Govt of India, 12A and 80G of IT Act and enlisted by the United Nations working beyond boundary*

“For development,the country importantly needs to focus on education, health and equality"

Health and education are the foundation for human development. It is difficult to survive or care for a family if one is sick, poor or doesn't have relevant skills and knowledge. Expanding access to health and education services is a central element for any strategy to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality.

The empirical link between education and health is firmly established. Numerous studies document that higher levels of education are positively associated with longer life and better health throughout the lifespan.

But measuring the causal links between education and health is a more challenging task. Aside from the typical econometric concerns about measurement error, functional form, and sampling properties, measuring the causal impact of education on health is confounded by the likely causal effect of health on education, and vice versa. Concerns about ‘missing’ variables that affect both the accumulation of human capital and the health capital – such as measures of individual discount rates – also make causality difficult to measure.

Easy and ubiquitous access to education and quality healthcare forms the fundamentals of any society and makes a huge contribution to the development of a country. Even as one can see considerable progress in the growing number of schools, colleges, nursing homes, hospitals across the nation, it still is insufficient to meet the needs of India’s 1.3 billion citizens. Also, given the country’s size and diversity, a lot more is required to bring the benefits of education and quality healthcare to hundreds of millions. As technology continues to transform our society, it is evident that innovations in technology can help meet the challenges in these sectors as well.

"India accounts for over half of the estimated 100 million people pushed into poverty worldwide every year due to out-of-pocket expenses on healthcare, a joint report on universal health coverage by the World Health Organization and World Bank has revealed. Almost 100 million people a year ‘forced to choose between food and healthcare' because of huge expense on healthcare"

Currently our work is focused mainly on health, education, children and women welfare, social justice, orphan and differently abled persons' welfare, women self help and empowerment etc. Besides we also focus on art and culture, human rights, science awareness, social issues and more significantly in maintaining world peace and humanity. We are now working on projects in state, national and international level with strong, efficient and trained teams for the people.